Press the START button during game play to open the START menu.
Select an icon with the L1 or R1 button or with the directional buttons, then press the ○ button to open that menu item.

The game does not pause while the START menu is open.

The game continues even while you are using the START menu. You may be in danger of attack by nearby enemies.
Also note that you cannot attack while the START menu is open.

Equip weapons or armor. Press the SELECT button to open a help window about your character's status.

◆Equipment Locations
These are the locations on your body where things may be equipped.

◆Attribute Limitations
Each character has an equipment load and may be subject to attribute limitations depending on the total load of all equipped weapons and armor.
Particular statuses are also required in order to equip certain weapons and armor.
If you do not have the required status, you will not be able to equip the item, or it may not perform up to its potential.
Here you can check the items that you currently possess. Press the SELECT button to open a help window
with information about your character's status.
Items are grouped by category.
The Status menu is divided into two sections: Player Status and Player Info.

◆Player Status
Here you can check your character's status.
Your character's attributes are displayed in detail.
◆Player Info
Here you can check information about your character.
Things such as your homeland, covenant, and face are displayed here.

Write a message.
Select a template and category, then write your message.
You can select up to 2 templates for a single message.

◆Read History
Displays a list of other players' messages that you have read.
Select a message to rate it.

◆Written History
Displays a list of messages that you have written.
Select a message to delete it.

Rating Messages

When you rate another player's message, that player's vitality will be restored.
When a message you wrote is rated by another player, your vitality will be restored.

A screen for checking or setting game options.

◆Game Options

Adjust the camera controls, volume, etc.

◆Screen Options

Adjust display-related options, such as whether to display blood, subtitles, screen brightness, etc.

◆Quit Game

Quit the game.

Quitting the Game

Always be sure to quit the game by selecting "Quit Game" from the menu. If you do not do this,
it is possible that you will not be able to resume from where you left off.

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