Game Guide

Your current HP (life force). This goes down when you take damage. If it reaches 0, you will die.
HP can be recovered at a bonfire, by using an item such as an Estus Flask, or by using magic.

Your current Stamina. Stamina decreases when you perform actions like attacking, dashing or dodging.
If it reaches 0, you cannot perform actions that consume Stamina. Stamina automatically refills over time.

An icon representing your current covenant.

When you have a special status such as a boost to your attributes, a corresponding icon will be displayed here.

Displays your currently equipped weapons, armor, spells and items.
Press the directional buttons to switch between them.
Up: Spells
Down: Item
Right: Right hand weapon
Left: Left hand weapon

Your current amount of souls.

* Various special actions can be performed by combining different buttons. For more information, see the "Actions" page.

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