Bonfire Menu
Approach a bonfire and press the ○ button to display the Bonfire Menu and rest your character.
Resting at a bonfire restores your HP, Estus Flask and spell uses, and allows you to recover from status effects such as poison. Your game progress will also be automatically saved.
When you rest at a bonfire, some of the enemies you have defeated up until that point will be revived.
Lighting Bonfires
You cannot rest at an unlit bonfire. Approach it and press the ○ button to light it.

◆Leveling Up
Spend souls to increase your character's attributes.
Press the up or down directional buttons to select the attribute you want to upgrade. Press the left or right directional buttons to increase or decrease attribute values.
Select "Confirm" to confirm your choices.
◆Spell Attunement
Attunement allows you to equip a spell to one of your attunement slots and use it in the game.
The number of spells that can be attuned (the number of slots) will depend on your character's Attunement attribute.

Casting Spells

To cast a spell, you must equip a catalyst that matches that spell's type. See the "Actions" page for more information about catalysts.

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