Game Basics
Your character will move in the direction you move the left stick.
Moving the left stick slightly will make your character walk; move it more to make your character run.
When you approach an item that can be examined, opened, or picked up, a message will be displayed. Press the ○ button to perform the corresponding action.
When an enemy finds you in the game, they will attack. Use weapons or magic to defeat them.
Press the R1 or R2 button to attack and the L1 or L2 button to defend. Press the □ button to use the item you have equipped.
You will get souls when you defeat enemies. Souls are used to level up, purchase items, etc.

* To change your equipment, press the START button to open the START menu.
Rest at a bonfire in the game to restore your HP, Estus Flask and spell uses, and recover
from status effects such as poison.
When you rest at a bonfire, some of the enemies you have defeated up until that point will be
revived, so you must decide whether to rest or not based on the situation.
Characters die when their HP reaches 0.
When a character dies, all of the character's souls will be left at that location. The character can be revived from the bonfire where he or she last rested.

◆The Living and the Hollow
When a normal living character dies, they become a Hollow.
A Hollow who dies remains a Hollow.
However, when a Hollow dies again, they become a little bit deader, reducing their max HP by 5% for every death, up to a maximum penalty of 50% of their normal HP.

◆Bloodstains (Green)
When you die, all of your souls are left at the location of your death.
These dropped souls become a green bloodstain that pools at the site of your death.
If you return to the site of your death, you can retrieve the souls.
But if you die again before retrieving them, the old bloodstain will disappear.

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