Entry Instructions and Testing Overview Entry Qualifications
・Entrants must own a PlayStation®3 that is connected to the Internet.
・They must have a Sony Entertainment Network account.
・They must actively participate in the testing and report any issues they encounter.
・They must be at least 18 years old.
・They must live in European countries.
・They must agree to the Terms of Use for the network test version of Dark Souls II.

* The network test version of the game requires approximately 3,7GB of free space. Please ensure that you have enough space on your hard disk.
Entry Instructions
You need to apply for the Dark Souls II network test via the PlayStation®Store.
* See here for instructions on connecting your PlayStation®3 to the Internet.
* Order of entry will have no effect on whether or not someone is chosen.
* If chosen, the Sony Entertainment Network account used to apply will be the account that is used for testing. (It is not possible to change accounts).
Tester Selection
After a rigorous selection process, the people who have been selected will be notified by email.
Only selected persons will be notified of the results sometime after October 7, 2013. Results will be sent to the email address (signin ID) that was registered with the Sony Entertainment Network.

* Please check that you can receive email using the email address you have registered with the Sony Entertainment Network.
* Persons who are unable to receive the selection email will be disqualified.
* Please note that we cannot answer inquiries regarding the selection results.
・The game program used during testing is still in development, and will differ from the final version.
・No inquiries regarding selection standards or selection results will be answered.
・Information experienced during testing may not be publicized on the Internet or elsewhere.
・Anyone submitting duplicate entries will be disqualified.
・It will not be possible to carry over game play data from this test to the commerical version of the game.
・Qualifications for participating in this test are non-transferrable, and the test program may not be given, sold, or loaned to anyone else.
・All testers must agree to the Terms of Use when starting the game.
・Violating any of the stipulations of the Terms of Use may result in forfeiture of a tester's participation qualifications.
・Any network connection fees incurred while participating in this test are the rsponsibility of the customer.